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Display a custom favicon in Genesis code snippet – #GenesisWP

June 23, 2015 /

How to display a custom favicon in Genesis. If you’re using the WordPress Genesis Framework then you are well aware…

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New 5-Day Git Crash Course For WordPress Developers

June 22, 2015 /

WP Pusher now has a 5-Day Git Crash Course For WordPress Developers that we think is worth checking out. (currently…

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Change the Genesis footer and credits snippet

June 20, 2015 /

To change the Genesis footer and credits area is quite easy within a Genesis WordPress child theme. Just adding a…

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How to remove your page from Facebook Business Manager

June 19, 2015 /

  How to remove your page from Facebook Business Manager Goto http://business.facebook.com Click Settings on the top left Click Pages…

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Free Stock Video Sites

June 11, 2015 /

Free images are easy to come by but free video is another story so we have created a Pinterest board…

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WordPress Meetup: Creating Awesome things with Gravity Forms

June 10, 2015 /

Gravity Forms is hands down the best contact form plugin for WordPress powered websites. Oh yeah, we said it! Don’t…

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Genesis Framework Theme Update

Genesis Beta Released

May 29, 2015 /

Genesis Beta 2.2 will have the most extensive focus on Accessibility of any prior release and is now available as…

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Getting Started with Canva

May 22, 2015 /

We love Canva and we use it for both clients and our own work to help market, promote and add…

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Sit the test – CSS, HTML, JavaScript

May 15, 2015 /

Sit the Test’s mission is to give skilled developers an easy way to “show what they know”, to prove to…

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Genesis: Display a custom favicon

May 14, 2015 /

Want to change your favicon on your browser to something custom? Typically if there is not one present you just…

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Watch LoopConf Online

May 13, 2015 /

Watch LoopConf Online: 30+ Focused Developer Sessions Over Two Days all Online for your enjoyment! LoopConf is the WordPress developer…

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Free Stock Photo Sites Pinterest

May 13, 2015 /

Join us on Pinterest and check out our most talked about board. Free Stock Photo sites Follow PressAvenue on Pinterest…

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Custom Css for Simple Social Icons Genesis

May 12, 2015 /

Simple Social Icons is an easy to use, customizable way to display icons that link visitors to your various social…

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Happy Small Business Week May 4-8 2015

May 4, 2015 /

Celebrating America’s Entrepreneurs What is Small Business Week? Every year since 1963, the President of the United States has issued…

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WordPress 4.2 Bud Powell Overview

April 23, 2015 /

WordPress 4.2 helps you communicate and share, globally. Its time to update once again! [wpvideo e9kH4FzP] WordPress 4.2 is featuring: An…

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The Straightest Road to Success – Gary Vaynerchuk

April 15, 2015 /

The Straightest Road to Success – Gary Vaynerchuk What would you say is the the biggest obstacle to your success…

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WordCamp Central is your WordPress conference hub

March 25, 2015 /

Looking for a WordPress related conference? WordCamp is just what you need. WordCamp offers a wide variety of info related…

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Gary Vaynerchuk: Marketers Ruin Everything

December 17, 2014 /

MARKETERS RUIN EVERYTHING: Whether it’s radio, television, Facebook, Groupon, Living Social, Snapchat, or even email, once enough attention is being…

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WordSesh – 24 hours of WordPress Dec 20th

December 9, 2014 /

WordSesh is 1 full day of live WordPress presentations from all over the world streamed live to you wherever you…

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Prestige Conference

October 23, 2014 /

Prestige looks like a fantastic conference and is right up our alley! We will be unable to attend at this…

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How to Keep Your Startup Competitive

AskGaryVee Show

October 21, 2014 /

AskGaryVee or #AskGaryVee, is the show to watch for fantastic advice on social, business, entrepreneurship, marketing and more. Below is…

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