New 5-Day Git Crash Course For WordPress Developers

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WP_Pusher___Pain-free_deployment_of_WordPress_themes_and_pluginsWP Pusher now has a 5-Day Git Crash Course For WordPress Developers that we think is worth checking out. (currently we are on day 2 and love it so far)

Wp Pusher is known for creating Pain-free deployment of WordPress themes and plugins directly from GitHub or Bitbucket so creating this course is a great idea to getting people into deployments from Git. You will never again copy files over FTP. It works everywhere – even on cheap shared hosting!

Say Goodbye to Cowboy Coding!

The course offers the following

  • Day 1: Gitting Started
  • Day 2: Push It!
  • Day 3: Git Workflow: Working On Features
  • Day 4: Fixing Bugs WTSHTF
  • Day 5: Ship it!

Get started on their site

The Pain of WordPress Deployments

You want to be a good developer. You want to use version control for your code and manage it on GitHub. Your intentions are good. But getting the code from GitHub and onto your client’s websites is painful because all of them are on shared hosting with no Git and no SSH. There’s no easy way and soon you find yourself fixing bugs in the built-in WordPress editor or copying single files through an FTP client. Shame on you. There went version control and future maintainability!WP Pusher gets you back on track!

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