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Watch LoopConf Online: 30+ Focused Developer Sessions Over Two Days all Online for your enjoyment!

LoopConf is the WordPress developer conference. LoopConf came about as we heard technically-minded folks talk about wanting to get together and dive deep into advanced engineering and development topics.

We’ve assembled an amazing group of speakers to get this inaugural event started off on the right foot, and we’re excited to share our excitement and passion for WordPress with all of you in an exciting three-day event.

We hope that you join us to celebrate the software we love, enjoy each other’s company, and learn from one another.

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Need Slides?

Additional Speaker decks and slides can be found on twitter:

What is LoopConf?

First off, know that LoopConf is going to be an event unlike anything the WordPress community has seen before. The educational value is going to be second-to-none, but we’re not stopping there. LoopConf is going to have live entertainment, great food, super fun geeky activities, and we’re doing it all at a fantastic Vegas resort. via

Did you attend LoopConf? What do you think about the presentations? Please let us know in the comments below.

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