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Create WordPress Site - Beaver Builder
Create WordPress Site from start to finish

How to Create a WordPress Website using Beaver Builder Tutorial. This is the start to finish guide to creating a WordPress Business website and we have also added special links in the instructions below that allow you to skip ahead if needed, see below.

WordPress has exploded with popularity and its easy to see why. You can tailor it to yours needs, set it up quickly and the community is huge, so you can easily find a solution to your unique website challenges.

WordPress is a fantastic platform for creating a website for your business, personal hobby, blog, events and more.

In this guide we will take you through the process from start to finish from setting up the hosting, buying a domain name, connecting everything together and diving into WordPress.

Create a WordPress Website using Beaver Builder Video Tutorial

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  • Always choose
  • Your site needs to live somewhere we recommend you signup for Siteground hosting Here (
  • The SiteGround “GrowBig Plan” covers most sites (but any plan will do)
  • Get a cheap domain name from,
  • Buy and Download Beaver Builder Pro for a “drag-and-drop” editing experience
  • Upload the Beaver Builder Theme and Plugin to Your Site
  • Add recommended plugins (see below)
  • Setup sites header, menu and footer via the WordPress customizer
  • Build your Homepage, About Page, Services Page and Contact Page with Beaver Builder Page Builder
  • Need additional help? Have Questions? Ask on the Facebook Group Here
  • We would love to see what you have created, please share it with the group as well on Facebook

Full Playlist: How to Create A WordPress Website from Start to Finish

1. Getting started: VS

wordpress logo

WordPress Dot COM and WordPress Dot ORG are two different things and it creates confusion quite quickly. They both say WordPress but have different domain names. is the WordPress that you have heard of, it allows you to create powerful websites, its open source and its 100% free. requires you to host the software somewhere but gives you full control of your website. is a hosting service, (aka a software as a service). You pay a fee and you can unlock additional features such as having your own domain name or removing the advertising on your site.

Choosing will benefit you immensely in the long and short fun which will allow you to truly edit your site and make it yours.

We Recommend to Everyone!

2. Buy a Cheap Domain Name –

NameCheap – Cheap Domains

Now let’s dive in! First you need a domain name.

Click Here: to buy a cheap domain name from and support the site.

Domain Name Purchase Directions

  1. Search for your domain name in the search bar
  2. If it is available, click Add to Cart.
  3. Go to Promo Codes / NameCheap Discount page here (we love to save money whenever we can)
  4. Go to cart and add promo code on the righthand side (some discount codes require that you have an account, simply sign up and it will save you a buck or two)
  5. Enter in billing details and click Order
  6. It will send you to the Dashboard. We recommend keeping this tab open as you move to the next step.

3. Hosting Your WordPress Website, Setting it up, Caching and SSL allows you to download the WordPress software, but most people get stuck here! The software has to live somewhere and that somewhere is a server.

We recommend and use SiteGround which is also Officially Recommended by

Siteground Hosting & Setup

siteground wordpress hosting

We have used SiteGround for 3+ years for client websites, our own websites and a few side projects. The biggest reason we recommend SiteGround hosting is the customer service. They know and understand WordPress which is helpful as we are talking about creating a WordPress website.

Go to SiteGround’s Signup Page:

You Will Have 3 Choices on the Siteground Signup Page:

Video Link (this special link sends you to the SiteGround setup 18 mins into the main video above:

We recommend the Startup Plan or GrowBig majority of the time and keep in mind that upgrading is only a few clicks away when your site starts to grow or if you need to scale upward.

1. Startup Plan – Perfect for people with one website that are starting now or smaller sites

2. GrowBig Plan – Perfect for business sites and is probably the best value overall, including the option for multiple websites and the SuperCacher that greatly improves your WordPress’ website speed

3. GoGeek Plan – Great for more technical users and is perfect for people with e-commerce and larger sites, or more geeky development needs like staging and GIT integration

NameCheap – Cheap Domain Names for Business

Point Your Domain to Siteground Hosting

Now that we have a domain name and hosting in place we need to connect these two services together.


  1. Login to SiteGround Hosting
  2. Login to NameCheap
  3. In NameCheap click Domain list and click manage domain or manage from the dashboard
  4. Scroll down a little and you will see NAMESERVERS listed on the left column
  5. Change this setting from NameCheap Basic DNS to Custom DNS
  6. Goto SiteGround now and goto the “My Accounts” tab at the top
  7. Under the “Information & Settings ” area you will see Account DNS
  8. Here is a list of your nameservers which start with NS1 and NS2
  9. Copy both of them and paste them into NameCheap in the Nameservers area
  10. Click the checkbox to save it
  11. May take up-to 48 hours to clear (but typically it happens in 15 mins or less)

Add Domain to SiteGround Hosting

hosting-logo-siteground Press Avenue
We Love SiteGround WordPress Hosting

Next we will add the domain to SiteGround.


  1. In SiteGround goto My Account and click CPanel
  2. Click Add-on Domains to add our domain name
  3. Fill in the form with your domain name
  4. The Document Root should be blank and choose a hard password
  5. Click “Add Domain”

Test Domain Name to See if it has Cleared

Next we will go to our domain name in the browser to see if it works. You will see a page that says “403 – Forbidden Error” which tells you to contact your webmaster which is you!


Don’t Panic! This just means the domain name works but nothing is installed yet. You are on the right track

Install WordPress on your SiteGround Hosting Account

Now the moment most of you have been waiting for…. Installing WordPress so we can build a website.

Directions for Installing WordPress

  1. Goto CPanel in SiteGround
  2. Under AutoInstallers click WordPress
  3. Click Install
  4. Fill out the form
  5. Click Install at the bottom
  6. You will see a congratulations, the software was installed successfully.

From here you will see your domain name, click it to view your WordPress website. Additionally you can click the Administrative URL and it will send you directly to the backend of WordPress.

Secure Your Site with a SSL Certificate

Adding an SSL certificate will show the little lock in the browser next to your domain name. This lock is seen if you have a SSL Certificate installed and everything on the site uses HTTPS instead of HTTP. Google went on a mission last year to secure the web and they will flag your website if it is not secure.

This is easily done with Let’s Encrypt’s Free SSL Certificates.

let's encrypt logo
Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate

Directions for Securing Your WordPress Website

  1. In CPanel scroll down and click Let’s Encrypt
  2. Under Install new Let’s Encrypt Certificate
  3. Select your domain name
  4. Under Type Select “Let’s Encrypt SSL”
  5. click install and wait 10-15 mins for this to clear.

4. Install the Best WordPress Plugins and Themes

We Recommend the Following Plugins for all WordPress websites. Goto your WordPress dashboard and click plugins.

  1. SG Optimizer (comes with SiteGround hosting, includes caching, image optimization, PHP versions and more) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (want SiteGround? Click Here)
  2. Beaver Builder Page Building Plugin (we recommend the Pro version so you get the Beaver Builder Theme, and Page Builder Plugin with support) Click Here To Buy
  3. Optional: Beaver Builder Themer allows you to edit every part of WordPress including creating layouts on archive pages, event calendar, WooCommerce and more this is what you need. Click Here for more info and click the banner at the top.
  4. Add Beaver Builder and Beaver Themer page builders to your WordPress website
  5. Add Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP) plugin
  6. Add Safe Redirect plugin to redirect links as needed
  7. Add Social Warfare plugin for social sharing or your blog posts and pages
  8. Add Yoast SEO to optimize your sites SEO so you can see how you will rank and look in Google

We Recommend the Following Plugins for creating contact forms, generating and capturing leads:

The number one reason you have a website is for marketing and sharing information about why your XYZ is amazing. Giving people both a way to contact you and a way for you to reach back to them is ideal.

  1. WP Forms – Highly recommended Forms Plugin for WordPress. Capture leads, and easily create contact forms
  2. OptinMonster – Easy Lead capture
  3. Gravity Forms – Create Forms and Gravity Forms features tons of integrations
  4. IceGram – Lead Capture

Theme Install:

Beaver Builders philosophy is to create a toolset that’s powerful enough for developers, but simple enough for end users and this is why we love this setup.

The Beaver Builder theme is the perfect balance of settings and functionality. As a web agency, we’ve spent years working with thousands of clients, and we built this theme to serve real-world needs.

Download the Beaver Builder Theme and the Beaver Builder Click Theme from your dashboard. (click here to goto it – you must be logged in)

How to Upload a Theme To WordPress
  1. Go to your WordPress website
  2. Click Appearance
  3. Click Themes
  4. Click Add New
  5. Click Upload Theme
  6. Click Choose File
  7. Select the Beaver Builder Theme.
  8. Click Install Now
  9. Repeat steps 1-8 and select the Beaver Builder Child Theme.

5. Use the Customizer to Edit the Header, Menu, and Footer of Your Site.

The Beaver Builder Theme uses the WordPress Customizer to set all of its theme options.

Access the Customizer in either of the following ways:

  • On the WordPress admin panel, click Appearance > Customize.
  • Click Customize in the admin bar.

Go through each of the setting to style the site the way you like it. Refer to the video for more details.

6. Creating the Homepage, Hero Image, About Page and Contact Page

7. Create a Contact Page with a Contact form

8. Next Steps & Get Help

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Let us know where you are stuck or if you completed a site please share it!

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