How to Create a Donation Form

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How to Create a Donation Form

How to Create a Donation Form

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a donation form for your nonprofit! Right now, organizations all over the world need the ability to accept money online to support their nonprofit efforts. This simple form setup will allow you to accept money quickly.

Any Nonprofit could use this (or even a for profit business to sell products)

  • Zoos could ask for donations to feed animals
  • Schools could ask for donation for supplies
  • Asking your audience for donations will help support your nonprofit in these crazy times

Let’s start building your donation form!

How to Create a Donation Form

How to Create a Donation Form in WordPress – Press Avenue

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Create a Donation Form – WPForms Lite VS WPForms Pro

We will be using WPForms Pro to show you how to create a donation form on your website. WPForms offers to flavors of their plugin, WPForms Lite, and WPForms Pro which is a premium plugin

WPForms Lite is a fantastic form plugin for creating contact forms but it does not allow you to process payments in the form. This tutorial requires WPForms Pro which will pay for itself after you receive a few donations. You can learn more about WPForms Pro by visiting their website.

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Lastly, if your site is not secure I would recommend securing it when asking for money. It will put your donors at ease and encrypt your data. Some payment processes do require this but the method above allows you to bypass this.

Learn more about securing your website with HTTPS and a free Let’s Encrypt Certificate (aka the little green lock in your browser)

Secure Your Site Today

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