How to Create Online Payment Form – WPForms PayPal Addon

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Create Online Payment Form
Create Online Payment Form

Collecting payments online is a must in today’s new normal. You can have your customers pay you upfront and then you can allow them to pick up items or even deliver!

WPForms has a drag & drop builder making it really easy for you to customize the form, add and remove fields with a simple point and click.

 WPForms and PayPal allow you to easily:

  • create order forms for physical products or food!
  • collect pre-payments for services
  • sell digital downloads
  • add a simple donation form to your site

Once the user is done filling out the form, you can automatically transfer them to complete the PayPal transaction. WPForms has made this very easy!

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Collect Form Payments with PayPal

In this tutorial, we are using the WPForms Pro version which allows us to collect payments via the PayPal addon. this addon is available on the Pro plan and makes processing money very easy.

You will need:

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