Remove Additional Information Tab WooCommerce

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How to Remove Additional Information Tab WooCommerce

How to remove additional information tab WooCommerce

The additional information tab is not always needed and most of the time it is either blank or provides info that is just not that helpful for the user. For example, in the video, above we have a site that sells trips, camps, clinics etc. The have WooCommerce setup with attributes and variants and the user selects what style hotel room they want. This info is inside of the product description but it includes the Additional Information tab which just lists a single or double occupancy without more info. In this situation, it does not make sense and its simply not need.

When would you need the additional information tab WooCommerce?

Products like t-shirts could benefit from this because it will list t-shirt sizes, colors, styles etc in a format that is easier to read.

Remove Additional Information Tab in WooCommerce askbunka pressavenue

Remove Additional Information Tab in WooCommerce #askbunka pressavenue

Directions to remove additional information tab WooCommerce

  1. Use FTP or SFTP (depends on your host) to open the functions.php file so we can drop in a code-snippet
  2. Goto WP-CONTENT, then to THEMES, and open function.php
  3. At the bottom insert this snippet and save it
  4. Refresh your page and the additional information tab will disappear

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The official WooCommerce documentation on removing this tab, renaming it, re-ordering it or making everything more custom is located here

Note: This is a Developer level doc. If you are unfamiliar with code/templates and resolving potential conflicts, select a WooExpert or Developer for assistance

What is the Additional Information tab?

Please note that the “Additional Information” tab will only show if the product has weight, dimensions or attributes (not used for variation for variable products). If you try to apply a change to that tab and if the product does not have weight, dimensions or attribute, you will get an error message similar to :

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