WooCommerce Game Changer – StoreBuilder

WooCommerce Game Changer - StoreBuilder

WooCommerce Game Changer – StoreBuilder Wow, this changes the game for anyone looking to start a WooCommerce store without all the headaches of setting up WordPress and WooCommerce. Nexcess (a cloud hosting company that is a part of LiquidWeb, think iThemes Security) has created something quite unique which they have named: StoreBuilder. StoreBuilder takes the…

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WordPress Plugins Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

WordPress-Plugins-Strong-Customer-Authentication-SCA-PRESS-AVENUE (1)

Strong Custom Authentication or SCA is here! This effects WordPress merchants (and everyone else) in the European Union or the European Economic Area (EEA). So what is this exactly? Strong Customer Authentication applies to “customer-initiated” online payments within Europe. Meaning if you have a customer come to your eCommerce WordPress website and they initiate a payment…

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Remove Additional Information Tab WooCommerce

Remove Additional Information Tab in WooCommerce askbunka pressavenue

How to Remove Additional Information Tab WooCommerce How to remove additional information tab WooCommerce The additional information tab is not always needed and most of the time it is either blank or provides info that is just not that helpful for the user. For example, in the video, above we have a site that sells trips, camps,…

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