Must Have Pages Every Business Website Should Have

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Must Have Pages Every Business Website Should Have – #AskBunka Show Episode 4

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Must Have Pages Every Business Website Should Have

  1. Home Page
    Your Business website will have a home page guaranteed but make sure that the homepage includes a summary of your overall business, call-to-action, your contact info, services and more. It is also a great idea to link to other pages from the home page to move people into the heart of the site itself. For example, sending people to your business services, products or contact page so your audience can get the information they need.
  2. About Page (Super important!)
    Your about page is the second most important (if not the most important) page on your website. This lets the user see who you are, if you are an expert in the field and where you or your company came from. Make sure to include actual photos of you or your team. People like to work with real people. Typically we run across businesses with cheesy stock photos of business people on the phone or in meetings. This may have worked in the past but most internet users know these  images are fakes.
  3. Services Page (what do you do, provide, sell etc)
    Make sure to provide a list of services you or your company provide. The services page can also be your product page as well. Add clear and detailed info about each service. If you offer a world of features it is a good idea to have a summary of services on this page and then add a click through to another page with all the details about one service.
  4. Testimonial Page
    Its one thing if you came to be awesome, its gold if others leave testimonials about you or your business. Having a testimonials page is a great way to showcase both written and video testimonials. We highly recommend asking your clients for video testimonials. All you need to do is ask, receive and then post which is a lot less work!
  5. Blog / News
    Google loves relevant contact but so do people! Your audience wants to know what your up to, if your still around and to receive updates about products, services and happenings. The blog (it is okay to use this term, even on a business website) allows you to get this information out. It is also a nice way to tie in your news into social media posts that link back to your website which is a win-win for everyone.
  6. Contact Page
    On your contact page be sure to include your phone number, address, mailing address, office hours (to include which days you are open), email ad a contact form to make it easier on your user to get a hold of you. Typically companies also include social media buttons and a way to subscribe to their newsletter.
  7. Bonus: Resources Page
    The resources page allows you to provide additional business value to your audience and can act as a tool back for getting more information, support from your company, actually tools that you use to get the job done and an additional way to marketing yourself.

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