Beaver Builder: Change Google Map Zoom Level Module in WordPress


Change Google Map Zoom Level in Beaver Builder

Change Google Map Zoom Level:
Despite the recent negative press about Beaver Builder (here is the article) I do believe it has its place in the WordPress ecosystem.

Beaver Builder can give a lot of power to content creators, clients and you! We combine it with the Genesis Framework, a custom Genesis Starter theme and then he magic starts to happen! Let us know in the comments what you think!

Beaver Builder Tutorial:

Harriet on the Beaver builders Facebook Group asked if the Map Module allowed you to zoom into a Google Map. The short answer is no, but like most thing there is always another way!

If you are interested in Beaver Builder I would highly recommend checking out the private Facebook Group here

Change Google Map Zoom Level Module in Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder: Change Google Map Zoom Level Module in WordPress – Press Avenue

Tutorial Steps:

  1. Open Google Maps
  2. Type in your location
  3. Zoom in and center it the way you want the map to be displayed
  4. Click the hamburger menu on the top left
  5. Click Share and embed map
  6. Click embed
  7. Adjust as needed
  8. Copy code
  9. Add the Beaver Builder HTML module where you want to display your map.
  10. Paste in the code and save.
  11. Publish and your done!

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The theme in the video uses Beaver Builder (the standard version), a layout template from and the Genesis Framework.