Why You Need to Learn as You Go

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10_Must-See_Videos_from_Stanford_Business_SchoolLearning from others who have already gone down the beaten path can be super beneficial for those looking to join successful entrepreneurs and hopefully learn from their mistakes and gain valuable business knowledge. The Stanford business school does a great job of uploading lectures from successful entrepreneurs speaking in their school and you don’t have to pay $50,000 in tuition. This truly is a deal.

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Why You Need to Learn as You Go

It seems that very few entrepreneurs are able to avoid the heavy burden of “imposter syndrome”—a mindset that afflicts even the most talented individuals. Drew Houston, founder of the now multi-billion dollar company Dropbox, reminds the audience at Stanford that entrepreneurship will always remain a learn-as-you-go experience.

One thing about this world is there are a bunch of different paths to success, but empirically it’s sort of surprising that so many of the companies that you’d think about in the “hall of fame” were started by people who basically had no idea what the hell they were doing either.

If you have that feeling, it should be of some comfort that Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, all of these things were started by first or second time entrepreneurs who were really figuring it out along the way, too.

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