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The latest Jetpack update adds exciting new features like additional Custom Content Types — which includes the Portfolio Custom Post Type. This is big news as the WordPress community has come together to reign in Custom Post Types, how they are handled and then ultimately create some sort of standard.

A WordPress community initiative is underway to standardize content types used by plugin developers. Justin Tadlock is spearheading an initiative to create WordPress community-curated standards for common post types, taxonomies, and metadata. [via WP Tavern]

custom-content-typesJetpack Custom Post Type

[via]Custom Post Types (or CPTs) allow you to have content that doesn’t necessary fit into a post but isn’t right for a static page. Now, you can enable Custom Post Types via Jetpack. More and more CPTs are supported by themes on, making the ability to access this custom content critical if a user migrates to a self-hosted site.

Introducing the Jetpack Custom Post Type: Portfolio

The Portfolio Custom Post Type gives you an easy way to manage projects you want to showcase on your site. It’s already supported by a number of themes, and more theme developers are planning on adding it.

If your theme doesn’t support it yet, enable the Portfolio Custom Post Type by activating the Jetpack Custom Post Type module in your Jetpack settings. Then, enable the feature by going to Settings > Writing in your WordPress admin and checking the option under “Your Custom Content Types” to enable the Portfolio Custom Post Type.

You can then choose to display the portfolio using the portfolio shortcode ( [portfolio] ) or with a link to the portfolio in the menu.

We haven’t fully dove into the Custom post types that Jetpack now offers but we are excited about this becoming more of a standard and further pushing WordPress into every market around.

What do you think about the new addition? Our only complaint so far is it is auto enabled so most users don’t even know its there.

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