Antivirus Windows? What Should I Use? #AskBunka

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What Antivirus should I use in Windows? #AskBunka

Antivirus Windows The #AskBunka Show!

Antivirus Windows? What Should I Use? #AskBunka

  1. We recommend Avast for Windows! They also have a Mac and Android versions.
  2. Click Free Download

    Antivirus Windows? What Should I Use? #AskBunka

    Antivirus Windows? What Should I Use? #AskBunka

  3. Run the installer – Click the downloaded file at the bottom left corner of your screen.
  4. Confirm the installation – Click “Yes” on the system dialog window to approve the start of your installation.
  5. Follow setup instructions – Click the blue button in the installer window to begin installation.
  6. We click customize install to take all the bloat out of the software. It all sounds great but no one really needs all that junk.
  7. We leave the file checker on and we uncheck everything else.
  8. Then press next/ continue
  9. Let it install and keep in mind that it updates right then as well so this step takes a little while
  10. When you are done installing it asks you if you want to do a quick scan. Typically I skip this and do a Full scan right out of the gate which takes more time but this is why we have an Antivirus for windows!

Learn More About Avast – Antivirus Windows

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Antivirus for Windows – #AskBunka Episode 13

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