Siteground Backups – Big Improvements!

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Siteground Backups – New and improved user experience and services!

Siteground Backups

Siteground Backups

Siteground Backups Updated: Get extra peace of mind to make website changes, updates, and always have a backup to revert to in case something goes wrong. Having a hosting backup is like an insurance for your website – whatever happens, you’ve got your back up to undo every website mistake.

Siteground is here to save the day offering 30 days of reassurance that you can roll back to even after the biggest website disaster.

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Full Siteground Backup Details

The latest updates on our Backup system are designed to let you create and restore backups all by yourself quickly and easily with our new 1-click Backup Restore Tool.

Easy Backup Restore
All our shared hosting clients now have access to 30 automatic system backup copies. You can use any of them to restore files, databases, emails or your whole account instantly with a click. Learn how to use our great restore feature in our Backup Restore tutorial.

Instant Backups On Demand
On top of our automatic daily system backups, we’ve also added the option to create instant backups on demand yourself. We recommend using our instant backup feature any time before making website changes to save all your previous updates.

If anything goes wrong, you can go back to the very moment before the website changes by restoring the latest backup you created. Our On-demand backup option is the easiest way to avoid data loss due to website mistakes and to experiment with website updates. Learn how to use it in our Backup Creation tutorial.


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