How to Quickly Post Images to Social Media with your logo – #Askbunka Show

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Quickly post images social media with your logo on an image and post to facebook quickly with the Social Media Image Pack and This can be used with any platform from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

How to Quickly Post Images Social Media with your logo – #Askbunka Show Episode 23

Quickly Post Images Social Media with your Logo Directions:

You will need:

  • You will need a Business Facebook page (or profile)
  • We used the Social Media Image pack in this example to quickly post a relevant image. See info on it here
  • It happens to be election day but any holidays will work

Directions for getting started

  1. Open or find the most relevant image of your particular day
  2. Goto and login (they offer free account and the software is a basic but very fast version of Photoshop or other alternatives)
  3. Click Create a Facebook post
  4. Simply drag in your image from the Social Media Image pack or anywhere else where you find photos
  5. Resize if needed.
  6. Goto Logos or upload your logo (transparent logos work better most of the time)
  7. If you can’t read the logo, just add a backdrop to make it more clear. I like to make the backdrop transparent to add a little more flare
  8. Once you are done, click download and it will download your newly created image.
  9. Now open facebook and goto your page
  10. Write some info but make sure to ask people to engage with your post. This can be either asking for a like, to tag someone or asking a question.
  11. Attach the picture you just made and downloaded
  12. Click publish and you are done!

Example Facebook post in the video is here

The nice thing about the Social Media Pack is you don’t need to search around for relevant photos and you can quickly post to social media without having to Google so many items.

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