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Performance CultureLearning from others who have already gone down the beaten path can be super beneficial for those looking to join successful entrepreneurs and hopefully learn from their mistakes and gain valuable business knowledge. The Stanford business school does a great job of uploading lectures from successful entrepreneurs speaking in their school and you don’t have to pay $50,000 in tuition. This truly is a deal.

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Performance Culture

Carlos Brito, CEO of InBev embraces a common metaphor among those leading professional teams: that they would be wise to embrace lessons learned in leading athletic teams.

Athletic teams promote a performance culture, and Brito argues that in some corporate environments, this culture can help to spur on the highest performers, who are often the people who have the most to contribute to the team’s success.

In addition to the video, there is great coverage from the Stanford Business School website on Brito’s interview:

“Great companies are formed by great people. . . .What distinguishes you from an average company is the kind of people you can attract, retain, develop, train, promote. That’s why it’s important to hire people better than you,” Brito said. “They push you to be better.”

“Talented people will ask you every day, ‘What about my future? Am I doing okay? I have an idea,’ said Brito, who calls these employees ‘high maintenance.’ But they’re still more desirable than ‘employees who don’t want to talk to you and when you talk to them, they have no ideas.’”

“The best employees themselves influence the corporate culture. For instance, talented managers are, in turn, likely to attract other top talent to the company, Brito said. And they appreciate and will demand that a company values meritocracy. They’ll bail if they see the company promoting someone based only on his or her tenure, he said. “If you can’t please everyone, please the most talented ones…”

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