Mac for Business & How to Buy a Cheaper One

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How to buy a cheaper Mac for business and why. We highly recommend Mac’s for business for the following reasons

Reasons to Buy a Mac: (MacBook, Mac Pro,MacBook Pro)

  • Fewer issues: Malware, Viruses and overall junk that haunts Windows based machines over time
  • They last longer: In the long run Mac’s are cheaper (A report put out by IBM states: Macs Are Up to $543 Less Expensive Than PCs Over Time [Source]
  • More compact than previous computers and easier to travel with
  • The Battery is far better than any Lenovo that I had before


  • Sometimes there is a larger upfront cost (but I still think its worth it because you won;t be buying a computer each year)
  • Can’t come up with anymore!

Mac for Business & How to Buy a Cheaper One #AskBunka Show Episode 9

How to Buy a Refurbished Mac for your Business

Mac for Business & How to Buy a Cheaper One #AskBunka Show Episode 9

Mac for Business & How to Buy a Cheaper One #AskBunka Show Episode 9

You can go to Apple’s website and click Refurbished at the bottom and check it every day to see if what you want to buy is available. If you do see one that meets your budget and standards you need to buy it ASAP because they do disappear over time. Since I don;t have time to do this for myself or even other people I use the Mac Refurb Tracker to do the heavy lifting for me.

  • Goto
  • Choose your store (ie ISA etc)
  • Choose your product (iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook)
  • Filter: Add your specs, I added with no quotes: “16gb 512 Radeon” This filter give me results for a 16gb of RAM which I highly recommend no matter what you are buying, 512GB minimum for a Hard drive and a computer that has the additional Radeon graphics card for more multimedia.
  • Click View Matching Products to see computers that match what you want. If they don;t match then tweak the filter more until they do.
  • The computers in the list will be faded out if they are machines that are no longer available but they will give you a sense of pricing. Non faded computers are available to purchase right now but you need to act quick.
  • Finally, under the computer list, you can enter your email address or use the RSS feed to keep up and be notified when your machine is ready to be purchased.
  • Good luck and let us know in the comments if you need help!


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