Learn DesktopServer for local WordPress development

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Learn DesktopServer

Learn DesktopServer

Learn DesktopServer: We love DesktopServer for developing websites locally, trying new features and having the ability to tinker with a site without messing up the live version. There are plenty of ways to get this done but they involve setting up a server on your computer, configuring a database, crossing your fingers and hoping it works and then you are good to go.

Personally I would rather not worry about the setup and I would love to get into WordPress quicker. This is where DesktopServer comes into play. Select from a series of options, click next next, next and you’re ready to go! It could not be easier.

What is DesktopServer?

Whether you’re a WordPress developer, designer, or website owner, chances are you have accumulated your own stash of tools, plugins, and processes that make your life easier. DesktopServer is a single integrated tool that is proven to save you time testing, developing, managing, and creating fully functional website servers on your own computer.

DesktopServer allows you to quickly and easily generate optimized WordPress projects that run locally. Prior to DesktopServer you would have had to install a LAMP stack, edit multiple configuration files, create databases, create security credentials, and repeat the process for each new project or site you wanted to run; a painful time consuming and unfriendly process for non-developers and seasoned programmers alike. DesktopServer diminishes mundane tasks and is preferred even by advanced developers who like to tinker with WordPress Multisite based projects, domain aliases, and host files.

Thanks to OSTraining, the following videos series is available for free on youtube and we have included it below.

Learn DesktopServer

Introduction to DesktopServer

Installation of DesktopServer


Creating a Website (WordPress site)

Using the Blueprint feature

Copy, Move, and Remove Websites

Upgrading (first buy a license here which is worth it for anyone using WordPress for business)

Domain Aliases

Blueprint without using a plugin (the best way)

Sharing on the local network

Direct Deploy

Quick Deploy

Import from Live site

Miscellaneous goodness

Final Summary


What do you think of this great video series? Do you use desktopserver in your WordPress business?

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