How to Create Emoji URLs ???

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How to Create Emoji URLs! It’s true you can have an Emoji in your URL! In the video below I will walk you through the process of creating an emoji URL. We create ? ? ?.ws when translated is, “Knowledge Bombs on” which will be clear to a very niche audience. Sadly dot com is not yet available.

Create Emoji URLs Instructions:

To start browse through your emojis and decide on what is available and what will speak to your brand, your digital marketing campaign or your audience.

  1. Decide what Emoji’s you would like to use in your .ws domain name
  2. Create the link in a text document like Evernote, Mac Notes etc and copy it
  3. Search Google for a Punycode converter or try this one (
  4. Convert your Emoji URL ours converted to “xn--9q8hpcrh”
  5. Goto (this is the only one that works so far) Let us know if you find another
  6. Enter in your code xn--9q8hpcrh plus .ws (
  7. See screenshot below
  8. Purchase and you are now apart of the club!


Create Emoji URLs: Resources

Using Emoji on the Mac

  1. Click Control, Command and Space and a little Emoji box will appear. this box will allow you to search for Emoji and add them to your Tweets, blog posts, emails etc. Keep in mind that the Emojis

Using Emoji in Windows 10


It’s easy to begin using emojis in Windows 10. Firstly, we need to enable the touch keyboard. To do so, right click your taskbar and select Show touch keyboard button (if it isn’t already ticked). This will place a new keyboard icon within your taskbar’s notification area.

Click this new icon and a keyboard will appear on your screen. Note that, confusingly, this is actually different to the on-screen keyboard which can be enabled within Settings. On this keyboard, next to space and Ctrl, you’ll see a smiling face. Click this to access the emoji selection.

Emoji Standards to Create Emoji URLs: They all look different on my device!


Create Emoji Urls: The smiling face, grin, and smile will look different depending on your device.

Full Emoji Data is provided on complete with variaitions and different sequences which provides the ultime resource after you create emjoi urls. Keep in mind that the emoji will look different depending on the device. This includes Android, iOS (iphone, ipad), Windows 10, and Mac OSX.


Which emoji is your favorite? Also did you create emoji urls? Share them in the comments.


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