Do I Need A Contract for a Small Freelance Job? Yes! – #AskBunka

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Do I Need A Contract for a Small Freelance Job? Yes! – #AskBunka Show

Do I Need A Contract for a Small Freelance Job? Yes and a great resource for research design contracts, freelance agreement and more is
  • Docracy is the web’s only open collection of legal contracts and the best way to negotiate and sign documents online.
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Do I Need A Contract for a Small Freelance Job?  Video Transcript:

Do I Need A Contract for a small freelance job? Yes! - #AskBunka

Do I Need A Contract for a small freelance job? Yes! – #AskBunka

Welcome to episode 17 of the Ask Bunka show just wanted to say thanks again for everyone who subscribed and also thanks for all the great questions we keep getting. Today we were asked, do I need a contract even if it’s a small job? and Yes we think you do and here’s why stay tuned ::music:: alright this one’s straight from facebook it says hey everyone I have my first paid opportunity and I have some questions. Do you think I should have a contract if it’s only Instagram posts? If so do you have any suggestions one writing one? The simple answer is yes but not just yes ALWAYS YES you’ll always want what you’re going to do in writing the reasons are you can share expectations, I Am only going to post once a week, or I Am only going to post twice a week three times a month something like that in addition to that you can share the expectations on when you expect to get paid how you expect to get paid so you expect to be paid maybe once week after an invoice, or, for some of ours we do we would expect to get paid before the month even begins and then that way we can get the money in hand and then do the work so a little bit different then doing the work and then asking to get paid, in addition to that you can add anything that you expect from them so if you expect photography certain content different items they can get that ready and they know what’s coming this way later if there is any kind of a problem you can refer back to this document either contract or agreement that says we agreed to this and you agreed to that, so yes always use this now if you’re not a lawyer I am not a lawyer and it does not sound like this lady is a lawyer a great way to do this is to research contracts online and we have a great resource for you docracy they are basically the webs only open collection of legal contracts and they also allow you to have your clients sign the contracts and this is completely free click find documents and its just and it’s all sorts of documents and templates so there a standard master agreement from AIGA this one’s fantastic but it’s pretty heavy and it’s very long do you need all this? maybe, maybe not another great one on here is called the contract killer so this is contract killer number 3 by List Apart there’s a summary about it and you both parties agree to do what this one I think is fantastic so this particular one, instead of design you would say instagram, this is what’s going to happen, you maybe don’t need all this copyrights basically says once your final payment is cleared copyright will be automatically assigned as follows: so here’s the language here. This is great stuff! Payments, when do you expect to be paid and what the payment schedule is, typically people do 50% to start and then 50% when its done they could do pay in advance or they could do pay after the work is done and then small print and then dotted line, there’s also an independent contractor agreement template, where you can fill in date of the agreement, if you hit customize then sign in you can fill all this in and it’s really quick and lastly just feel free to search through here what I have done with mine is, I have taken bits and pieces of other contracts and melded them into one that I understand that I can explain to my clients, and they understand, and that is just something custom that I have used. So if you have any questions about design contracts, or working with clients please let us know in the comments below additionally, subscribe to our channel , we will put out more great content just like this, if this was helpful to you give us a thumbs up, and thanks again for watching the ask bunka show, sweet music

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