WPForms Conversational Forms

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WPForms Conversational Forms
WPForms Conversational Forms

WPForms Conversational Forms are forms that look like a conversation is taking place. For example:

  • One question is asked by the form
  • You give an answer
  • A follow-up question is asked
  • Then you give another answer
  • etc

Conversational forms allow you to turn your form content into a more engaging way for your users to interact with your content. We all want more engagement and for people to actually fill those forms out and this is a great way to get it. Learn More About WPForms.

Benefits of Conversational Forms

  • More engagement
  • Improved completion rates
  • Distraction-free form landing pages
  • Works on Mobile
  • Easy to setup!

We will be using WPForms to build a simple Conversational form to show you how it is to implement. WPForms helps make your web forms feel more human, so you can improve your conversions. Interactive web forms made easy.

Wait! I have seen this somewhere. Your right, TypeForm.com allows you to do this but they have so many restrictions and limits (unless you pay big bucks) but it’s not worth it. This allows you to have a Typeform alternative with unlimited results! win-win!

WPForms Conversational Forms Tutorial

WPForms Conversational Forms Directions

  1. Install WPForms
  2. Add Pro License
  3. Go to Addons and turn on Conversational Forms (and activate it)
  4. Create a new WP Form by clicking Add New
  5. Name the new form
  6. Use the blank template for a custom WordPress form or use a template
  7. Create the fields you want in your form. Example, name, phone, single line text, etc…
  8. Click Settings on the lefthand side of the form builder
  9. Change the title if you want and the description which is the “message”
  10. Change the colors and settings
  11. Preview to see if this is what you want!
  12. That’s it!

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