Update Beaver Builder Plugin Manually

Update Beaver Builder Plugin Manually – WordPress Tutorial

Beaver Builder updates quite often with new features, bug fixes, security updates, and changes. What we love about Beaver Builder, besides all the amazing features, is when they release a big update they don’t automatically force an update on its users.

WP Beaver Builder instead lets you manually update their plugin and later on, within a month or so, they release it to automatically update. Typically this allows for additional fixes, bugs, and security to be added to the plugin before the entire world sees the update.

How to Update Beaver Builder Plugin Manually

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This video is relevant for any version of Beaver Builder when manually updating or upgrading.

  • Goto WPBeaverBuilder.com
  • Download a copy of Beaver Builder from your account
  • Login to your website
  • Click Plugins
  • Deactivate the current version of Beaver Builder
  • Delete the current version of Beaver Builder (this part is scary, hence the video, but your settings are safe)
  • Click Add New at the top of the screen
  • Click Upload Plugin
  • Click Choose File
  • Select the Beaver Builder zip file, named bb-plugin-(your-version).zip
  • Click Install Now
  • Click Activate
  • Verfiy the correct version is installed

Beaver Builder 2.2:

New prebuilt rows, unit selectors, and much more.

The most recent version of Beaver Builder, as of this Dec 2018, is Beaver Builder 2.2. In 2.2, they have shifted gears and made significant improvements to the styling and design capabilities of Page Builder overall. It also gives you more options for controlling the styling, sprucing up your design and more.

Beaver Builder Changelogs

View the Beaver Builder Changelogs:

Other Noteable Beaver Builder Updates

Other options include creating and using gradients as backgrounds for rows, row shapes, and columns. When the gradient background option is selected a new set of toggles will appear where one can dial in colors, direction, and style. More on Beaver Builder 2.2 in another post.

The biggest update is the addition of 80+ prebuilt templates for you to use and enjoy. In a genuine community/team effort, Beaver Builder 2.2 is bringing over 80 new row templates that can be mixed and matched for the creation of pages. Currently, Beaver Builder has a great selection of full-page templates that can be used as a starting place for new sites. Instead of creating more complete page templates, we opted for a more modular approach.

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