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Recommend Domain Names – Best Place to Purchase Domain Names and Why!

Recommend Domain Names

I love NameCheap for domain names. The name says it all, they are cheap and I love saving money in my WordPress freelancing business. Yes, I used to use Godaddy and I still have domains there, the many reasons are, “why transfer them if they are not expiring?” But when they do expire a few weeks before I move them over to Namecheap so they can have a permanent home. Have a question like this one? Just ask here!
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Recommend Domain Names Site to Purchase?

Who Do You Recommend for Domain Names? #AskBunka Episode 19 - Instagram

Who Do You Recommend for Domain Names? #AskBunka Episode 19

Video Transcript for Recommend Domain Names:

Thank again for your great questions
In this episode, we were asked who do you use to register your domain names?
I’m John Bunka and I take your questions on additionally on twitter, facebook, and also right below in the comments so if you have a question for us fell free to ask it we talk about making a living with WordPress, freelancing, and navigating the internet. Alright, so the question today we got is.. why do you use to register domain names, and we have talked about this in previous videos, but not directly, we always use, they are actually a reseller of eNom,, who’s a larger domain names registrar, these guys also allow you to do reselling, similar to namecheap, but namecheap has their platform done up and all together and its really easy to use, and not mention its really really cheap!

Hence, name cheap!, domain name you can just think, you want it cheaper name cheaps the way to go, right now they have a deal that its May the 4th, you can buy a domain name for .88 cents and get a free whois guard, Whoisguard is similar to, Godaddy’s domain name privacy stuff, its all the same, basically if I Were to lookup your domain name, it would say it’s registered to a phony name in Panama, and that’s the whois guard and they make it free. One reason I like these guys is they provide coupons just about every single month, and Ilike to save money, So when you search for Google, let’s see, Namecheap coupons, I’ve done this recently, they have an ad right at the top that says coupons and discounts, but if you move down to the next one, Its actually slash promo slash coupons, instead of things like Groupon, Retail Me Not etc, which typically do have coupons, but namecheap just lists there coupons right on their site, so from May 1st to May 31st, 2017, you can get a discount on transfers, so copy that one and the details below, so if I transfer a dot com to them, its $8.84 so I have been doing a lot of this lately, if Godaddy, has an expiration coming up, I transfer it away from them, to namecheap for about 9 bucks, this is a lot better compared to the $14 where you typically renew at Godaddy, and that’s why I do it. People say you know, why do the hassle for 5 bucks? The reason is if you have 10 domains or even a 100, it could be a $100saving, in one year, I do think it’s worth it, I Do think you should look at NameCheap, and I will leave some links below. Again if you have any questions, please, let us know in the comments, if this was helpful to you give us a thumbs up, and also click that red subscribe button, and we will make more great videos just like this one, thanks for watching.

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