How To Manage Multiple WordPress Sites with InfiniteWP

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How To Manage Multiple WordPress Sites with InfiniteWP. Managing multiple WordPress sites can be a bear sometimes, especially when it comes to updating plugins or backing things up.

Logging in and out to a few sites isn’t bad but the more sites you add to your WordPress business the hard it becomes to scale this practice and save your time for better things.

InfiniteWP is a plugin that adds the ability to manage multiple WordPress sites with ease. Simply install it, add a site and then the magic starts with the ability to login easily, update plugins, themes and more. Their claim to fame is…

Single, powerful admin panel for all your WordPress sites Optimized for Agencies, Developers & Freelancers


How To Manage Multiple WordPress Sites with InfiniteWP

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Directions for Installing Infinite WP

Note: You need a fresh or clean WordPress install. This can be done by doing the 5-minute install or clicking install WordPress in CPanel to create a new WordPress website. Also, a few of these links are affiliate links but I only recommend products I use and love.

If you have any questions about this please ask.

InfiniteWP Recommends:

  • Not installing InfiniteWP on the same server as your sites (I did this for a while and then moved it off)
  • 1-50 sites can be installed on shared hosting
  • 51-100 sites on reseller hosting
  • 101-500 sites on a VPS
  • More than 500 on a dedicated server

My Recommendation: If you do not have any space, installs or simply need a different server to run this. I would highly recommend Cloudways. I have since moved my install there to free up resources on my main server and when I need more resources I can add them easily without having to move the whole installation to accommodate new WordPress websites.

Signup for Cloudways Here

  1. First, you need a clean install (see abov)
  2. Download the Plugin on
  3. Upload the plugin to the WordPress Plugin area (click new then upload)
  4. Activate the InfiniteWP Plugin
  5. Click on the big blue Install InfiniteWP admin panel button and follow the on-screen instructions.

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