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How to Quickly Resend Email Campaign MailChimp App

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How to Quickly Resend Email Campaign MailChimp App

MailChimp is great for sending out email campaigns to your audience but what do you do if your audience does not open your amazing email that you have spent hundreds of minutes on?

The answer… Resend it to non-openers or un-openers, this way, people that did open your email won’t be annoyed with a double send and those that missed it for whatever reason will have another chance to dive in.

This is a great and easy way to quickly and a few percentage points to your open rate and hopefully drive more sales, appointments or gave more attention to your product/service/info.

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How to Quickly Resend Email Campaign MailChimp App

In MailChimp, you open the app on your phone click 3 things and your done! Additionally, this can be done online as well but it takes 10 times as long.

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In MailChimp online you can do this with the following 8 steps

  1. Replicate your email campaign
  2. In the To section of the Campaign Builder, click Edit Recipients.
  3. Click the Segment drop-down menu and select Group or new segment.
  4. Click the Contacts match drop-down menu, and choose all.
  5. For the first condition, set the drop-down menus to Campaign Activity | was sent, and choose the campaign name.
  6. Click Add
  7. For the second condition, set the drop-down menus to Campaign Activity | did not open, and choose the campaign name.
  8. Click Update Recipient Count to see how many subscribed contacts meet your criteria. Only these contacts will receive the replicated campaign.
  9. Click Save, then send or schedule your campaign.

That’s it!!!! Personally I love the 3 step process on the phone which can be done anywhere!

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