Create Custom Post Types WordPress Tutorial – CPT UI Plugin

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Lets Create Custom Post Types

Custom Post Types can be created a number of ways with code or with a plugin that can help you generate the code. In this WordPress tutorials, we will show you how to create a Custom Post Type in the WordPress admin area with a plugin that we use all the time for client sites named: Custom Post Type UI or CPT UI for short.

Create Custom Post Types – WordPress Tutorial

To add CPT UI plugin to your site simply:

  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Goto Plugins
  • Click Add New
  • Search for “CPT UI”
  • Click Install and Active
  • Click the CPT UI menu on the bottom left of the WordPress admin bar

Description of the CPT UI Plugin:
Custom Post Type UI provides an easy to use interface for registering and managing custom post types and taxonomies for your website.

Learn More

Custom Post Types can be anything. I our example we needed a way to organize seminars. There are many plugins that allow you to have this type of event with options but we have yet to find one that works for us. This is where Custom Post Types come into play.

We use Custom Post Types in WordPress to organize and display content in a very custom way with minimal to no code. This is just one step out of many but we will add more tutorials to help you better utilize WordPress in your business.

Description of a Post Type from
WordPress can hold and display many different types of content. A single item of such a content is generally called a post, although post is also a specific post type. Internally, all the post types are stored in the same place, in the wp_posts database table, but are differentiated by a column called post_type.

CPT UI helps solve the problem of creating custom post types without needing code or adding code snippets.

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